Huiling (Taylor) Cheng

Tui transforms the traditional Chinese chair by infusing it with elements of modern Western design. The chair is made entirely of walnut, accentuating the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and color. The singular material pays homage to the long and rich history of Chinese craftsmanship, while the simple form references contemporary Western form language. The two cultures blend together to create a dignified form that welcomes the user with its warm elegance and beauty.

Taylor ChengTaylor Cheng was born in Taiwan and raised in Guangzhou, China. At age 16, she left Asia to move to Los Angeles, where she gained a broader understanding and appreciation of both Eastern and Western cultures. This cultural immersion has had a significant influence on her personality, lifestyle and design philosophy.

Taylor is passionate about hospitality and branding design. During her studies in the Environmental Design Department at Art Center, she learned the importance of catering to the end user, as well as to the client. Her design process starts by developing a narrative to forge a connection between design and people, infusing the work with a sensitivity to the human experience.