The ArtCenter Symposium for Creative Entrepreneurs

May 12, 2018
ArtCenter Hillside Campus
1700 Lida St
Pasadena, CA 91103


BOLD: The ArtCenter Symposium for Creative Entrepreneurs is a daylong event designed to celebrate and inspire a growing community of entrepreneurs from ArtCenter and beyond.

BOLD convenes a diverse group of artists, designers, entrepreneurs and experts to deliver a series of presentations, lectures, and practical workshops focused on the future of business and entrepreneurship for freelance studios, design-driven startups and artist-run organizations and nonprofits.

Keynote Speakers

Linda Hill
Professor, Harvard Business School
Trustee, ArtCenter College of Design

Nanea Reeves
Founder, Tripp Inc.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on additional Keynote Speakers, Workshops and Panels.


Educate artists and designers with the business and entrepreneurship skills needed to launch new ventures and organizations.

Empower participants to articulate and convey their value to businesses and clients.

Explore ways that art and design can transform businesses and drive the interaction between customers and products.